Rondex ISO Shield 9500 CPR Shield

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Rondex ISO Shield 9500 CPR Shield

The Rondex ISO Shield CPR Shield is designed to allow an operator to administer CPR without making contact with the patient's fluids or tissue.

  • TWO SEPARATE VALVES: Valve housing has two separate valves working independently to increase operator safety.
  • (NOTE: Rondex does not use filters. Filters are porous and allow moisture from the patient's breath to reach operator).
  • OPERATOR GRIPS: Provides a means to hold the shield below the barrier material thereby reducing the risk of contamination being spread to the operator's side of the barrier.
  • SHORT VALVE STEM (2 cm length): Works as a bite block to keep mouth open which makes ventilation easier. (Head-tilt/chin-lift procedure has a tendency to close the mouth).
  • Short stem allows use on small children.
  • DURABLE BARRIER MATERIAL: 8 mils thick is soft and easily conforms to the patient's face. 
  • LARGE BARRIER AREA: Large, durable barrier material, 7" X 7", provides more protection to the operator.
  • USABLE OVER A WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Storage and operating temperatures are -40 degrees to +150 degrees F.
  • This allows the ISO-SHIELD to be stored almost anywhere and is instantly ready for use.
  • SIZE: Designed to fit most adults and children.

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