S.I. Howard Glass 2 inch x 3 inch Signal Mirror - M-33

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S.I. Howard Glass 2 inch x 3 inch Signal Mirror - M-33

This emergency signal mirror is made from actual glass and reflects better than most, if not all, other signal mirrors. Long issued by the US military, the M-33 is now more important than ever for civilian use, due to the advent of rescue drones. The flash from this mirror can be seen for miles and stands out brightly against a natural background.

The integrated sighting hole makes aiming easy and quick. Even if there is not a visible target, the lost or stranded person should periodically sweep the horizon, in case a rescuer is is present but not visible.

This is an important survival item for backcountry adventures, open water boating and disaster preparation. The S. I. Howard Glass Mirror is made in the USA and includes a Type 1 paracord lanyard. Bulk packed.

  • Reflective flash can be seen for miles
  • One of the best ways to signal rescue aircraft
  • Military approved and military issued
  • Significantly more reflective than plastic mirrors
  • Includes lanyard
  • NSN 6350002619772   MIL-M-18371E
  • Dimensions: 2" x 3"
  • Made in the USA
Product Type
Model MIL-M-18371E
Part Number MIL-M-18371E

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