SPY Optic Hielo Sunglasses Matte Black - Gray Polarized

Spy Optic
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Rectangular and bold, the Hielo commands attention. Especially suited for active people in pursuit of high-speed adventure. Spy model# 670375374135

  • Built from high quality propionate
  • 8 Base Arc lenses
  • 8mm Hinge
  • 100% UV protection
  • Frame measures: 56-19-125
  • Made in Italy
  • One year limited warranty

Hielo Technology

Propionate Frame:
Spy Optic is one of a few elite manufacturers to offer frames crafted in premium propionate. Propionate is a composite material offering an excellent balance of toughness, hardness, strength, stability and gloss, plus an overall warm tactile feel. Frames constructed in propionate have a sleek, dense finish that is modern, comfortable, and durable.

Base Curvature:
8-Significant wrap-around coverage
Spy's spherical sunglasses are available in 4-, 6-, 8-, or 9-Base. Base curve refers to the amount of wrap that a lens has, which in turn affects the curvature of the frame. A flatter lens such as a 6-Base will create a much flatter, squared frame shape, whereas a higher base number will cause a sleek, wraparound fit.

Lens Curvature:
Spy Optic's ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses are used in to provide the highest quality and most optically correct, distortion-free vision. ARC lenses have an asymmetrical curvature, eliminating lens distortion and providing increased visual acuity.

Polarized models:
All of Spy's polarized sunglasses feature premium injected Trident lenses. Trident lenses greatly reduce glare through the use of an integrated polarizing filter layered within the injected lens, providing exceptional clarity in any lighting condition. Polarizing filters work by filtering reflected light but allowing direct light through. This action is particularly useful around water, driving or anytime that increased contrast and clarity are important.
Trident Polarized lenses are of the highest quality available, and effectively eliminate more than 99% of blinding glare. Spy's premium Trident polarized lenses meet the highest standard of excellence, outperforming and outlasting more commonplace lenses.

Brand Spy Optic
Product Type Sunglasses and Goggles
Part Number
Lens Type Polarized
Price $100 - $150

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