Steel Will 1362 Censor Karambit Knife

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Censor 1362

Responding to the requests of its customers, Steel Will has expanded its Censor series to include a Karambit style blade, complete with finger ring. Made famous by its use in Filipino martial arts, the Karambit is an effective self-defense knife, especially in the hands of a skilled operator. The knife’s compact size allows for easy concealed carry, and the injected molded nylon sheath keeps it strongly secured, allowing the handler to carry it at any angle. The sheath with its bundled clip provides numerous options for placement on a belt or any other suitable object, affording easy and quick access. The curved pistol grip handle of the knife provides for good control, and is convenient for both self-defense and everyday tasks.

  • DOTS clip 

The Steel Will DOTS clip is used for fastening a compatible sheath to a belt or strap. The clip allows you to position the sheath at different carry angles, ensuring comfort and quick deployment of the knife.

  • Nylon Handle

Nylon is a modern synthetic plastic with many features. When reinforced with fiberglass, it becomes a strong, rigid material with excellent characteristics for sheaths and knife handles. Sheaths made of nylon have a smooth non-porous surface and are easy to clean. Nylon has a high temperature tolerance and may be used in the harshest environments across the globe. Nylon sheaths provide a secure hold on the knife, ensuring its protection.

Brand Steel Will Knives
Product Type Knives & Tools

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