Sterno 100 Hour Emergency Candle

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The Sterno 100 Hour Emergency Candle provides long-lasting light during emergencies or anytime that you you are “off the grid”. Because this is a liquid wax candle, it is lighter and more compact than solid wax alternatives. It is clean burning, unscented and won’t melt or leave messy drippings. Sterno Emergency Candles are important additions to your emergency kits and supplies, or for routine use in remote cabins, when camping or on the patio.

  • Unscented and clean burning
  • Doesn’t drip
  • Anti-tip design
  • Integrated wind screen/lens
  • Rated for up to 100 hours of use
  • Ideal for emergency kits or outdoor use
  • 5 in. height x 3.25 in. diameter; 13.6 FL oz.
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