UCO Stormproof Matches

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UCO Stormproof matches are premium heavy-duty, all-weather matches with an extra-long burn time of approximately 15 seconds. If the matches become wet, simply wipe them dry to ignite. Extremely wind resistant, Stormproof matches cannot be blown out and will burn until the combustible coating is exhausted. These matches are a full 2.75" in length offering easier handling and longer burn time than other all weather matches.

UCO Stormproof matches are available individually or in a package of two boxes. Each box contains approximately 25 matches and has striking surfaces on each side of the box. Additionally, there are two extra strikers contained in a plastic sleeve inside the box. If the strikers become wet, be sure to wipe them dry before use.

UCO Stormproof matches help ensure that you'll be able to start of fire or light a stove, even in difficult conditions. These matches are for outdoor use only and are very difficult to extinguish. Use great care when handling.

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  • 2.75 inch length provides easier handling and longer burn time
  • Approximately 15 second burn time
  • Will work in windy or wet conditions
  • Includes extra strikers

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