Ultimate Survival Technologies Aqua Survival Kit

Ultimate Survival Technologies
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The Ultimate Survival Technologies Aqua Survival Kit comes in a soft, watertight aLOKSAK bag. All components fit snugly inside the case and will not rattle. This collection of potentially lifesaving tools could help you stay alive if you become lost or stranded in the wilderness. With this kit you'll be able to improvise shelter, start fires and signal rescuers. Additionally, you'll find many non-emergency uses for the kit as well. Ultimate Survival Technologies has been recognized as a manufacturer of quality survival products for many years. Made in the USA.

  • WetFire tinder-2 cubes
  • BlastMatch one-handed firestarter
  • SaberCut saw
  • JetScream signal whistle
  • StarFlash signal mirror
  • aLOKSAKwaterproof bag
Brand Ultimate Survival Technologies
Product Type Survival Kits
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Price $60 - $100

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