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Ultimate Survival Technologies
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The Ultimate Survival Technologies BASE Kit provides four important survival tools in a waterproof aLoksak bag. With this kit you'll be able to start a fire under difficult conditions, signal ground searchers and aircraft.

The Basic Adventure Survival Essentials (BASE) Kit weighs only 2.4 oz. and is packaged in a pocket-sized, re-sealable bag. This ultralight collection of survival tools is essential for backpackers, boaters, hunters and hikers who want to be prepared in the backcountry. Made in the USA. Available with either the orange or tan Sparkie.


Sparkie Fire Starter A lightweight, all-weather fire starter that features one-handed operation and generates a shower of hot sparks.

WetFire Tinder A non-toxic, smokeless tinder that burns for several minutes at over 1300 degrees F., enabling you to start a fire even in difficult weather. WetFire works even when wet.

JetScream Whistle-The JetScream Signal Whistle produces a very loud (122db SPL) whistle that can be heard from a great distance. The whistle has no moving parts and is designed to be self-clearing when wet.

StarFlash Signal Mirror The StarFlash signal mirror is 2” x 3” break and scratch resistant, floats and incorporates the StarFlash aiming system for accuracy. It’s the ideal device for long-distance and ground-to-air signaling.

Aloksak Waterproof Bag Lightweight, durable Aloksak bags have been tested by the US Navy to be waterproof to 200’. Be sure to close the bag securely for complete protection.

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