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The BlastMatch fire starter is a highly regarded, one-handed fire starter that produces a shower of sparks in all conditions. Originally designed for military use, the BlastMatch has become extremely popular in the civilian outdoor community as well. It is a dependable producer of hot sparks, requires only one-hand for operation, weighs only 2.7 oz., is 4 inches long and works reliably in extreme environments. The synthetic flint rod can be rotated to adjust for wear and the striker is made from tungsten carbide.

The rod is retracted into the handle and protected by a pivoting cap when in the stowed position. As with most well designed survival equipment, the Blast Match has a provision for attaching a lanyard. If it gets wet, just wipe it off and it’s ready to go.

The usual way to operate this fire starter is to place the end of the flint rod on a sturdy surface (rock or log) and push down while holding the striker against the flint. This will create a spray of sparks directed down to your tinder.

If you can not push the rod against a firm surface, simply place your middle or index finger on the end of the flint rod and pull it up quickly into the handle while holding the striker down with your thumb. It may take a little practice to master, but this technique could come in handy in some situations. You can, of course, use the BlastMatch in the same way as a traditional flint and steel, by scraping a separate striker down the flint rod. One-handed operation.

  • Designed for and used by the US military
  • Large flint rod will start thousands of fires
  • Lightweight
  • Work when wet
  • Made in the USA
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