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The Ultimate Survival Technologies Deluxe Survival Kit is an ensemble of survival tools respected and depended upon by military professionals, pilots and outdoorsmen of all types. The kit contains gear for fire starting, shelter improvisation and signaling. Each tool kit includes a BlastMatch one-handed fire starter, a JetScream Whistle, a Sabercut saw, two cubes of WetFire Tinder, a StarFlash Ultra signal mirror and instructions all contained in a clear, water tight, impact resistant case. Made in the USA.

BlastMatch Fire Starter
Originally designed for US Airforce pilots at risk of being shot down, this BlastMatch fire starter is bright orange for maximum visibility. With an easy, one-handed operation the BlastMatch will produce a torrent of hot sparks in any weather. Built to last, the BlastMatch will start thousands of fires with its ½ inch diameter synthetic flint rod and tungsten carbide striker.

WetFire Tinder
WetFire tinder is a non-toxic all-weather tinder that burns at over 1300 degrees F. Each cube is individually sealed and will burn for several minutes even in wet conditions. WetFire tinder makes an ideal companion to the BlastMatch for all-weather fire starting.

StarFlash Ultra Signal Mirror
The StarFlash signal mirror is made of unbreakable Lexan and can be seen for many miles. The mirror floats, has pinpoint aiming, instructions printed on the back and can be secured to your person via the lanyard hole. Signal mirrors are one of the best ways to signal aircraft.

JetScream Signal Whistle
One of the best ways to signal ground searchers is with a whistle. This bright orange, self-clearing JetScream whistle is capable of producing a piercing shriek of over 115 db. The sound can be heard far further than the human voice, plus one can blow a whistle much longer than one can shout.

SaberCut Saw
The SaberCut saw is a unique item that you have to use to fully appreciate. A hand-operated chain saw, the Sabercut will quickly cut through small and medium logs or trees and, because it is flexible, works well in confined spaces where other saws could not. The strap handles are easy to grip and the saw can be used to cut high limbs with the addition of a rope lanyard.

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