Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Saw

Ultimate Survival Technologies
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The pocket-sized SaberCut Saw features a 24 inch bi-directional, self-clearing blade that can be sharpened using a standard chainsaw type sharpening kit. The flexible blade is easy to use in tight spaces and will swiftly cut through small to medium sized trees and logs.

The SaberCut saw is easy to use. Two web loop handles are affixed to the saw with steel clips that keep the saw from twisting and align the saw horizontally when cutting trees or other vertical objects. This orientation creates a straight cut across the grain for maximum efficiency. With the addition of a rope lanyard the saw can be used (with caution) to cut overhead limbs, can cut almost flush to the ground and will work underwater. A ballistic nylon sheath is included.

  • Can be resharpened
  • Treated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Self cleaning, bi-directional teeth
  • 24-inch flexible blade
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