Wetterlings 120 Appalachian Forest Axe

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Wetterlings 120 Appalachian Forest Axe

The Wetterlings 120 Appalachian Forest Ax is a full-size axe designed to fell large trees efficiently. Features include a Swedish high carbon steel head (56-58 RwC), a 32 inch American Hickory handle and a leather sheath. Made in Sweden.

  • 3 lb. Swedish high carbon steel head (56-58 RwC)
  • 32" American Hickory handle
  • Leather sheath
  • 20 year warranty
  • Hand forged in Sweden

About Wetterlings Axes

All Wetterlings Axes are hand-forged from a carefully engineered alloy steel and have an edge hardness of about 57 RwC. The handle is turned from American Hickory heartwood and a hand-crafted leather sheath is included. Swedish hand-forged axes, such as Wetterlings, have been respected and depended upon by woodcutters for many years. Wetterlings has been forging axes since the 1880s and still uses many of the same labor-intensive methods to ensure that the finished product is balanced, strong, and reliable. Each Wetterlings Axe is crafted by hand and as such has its own unique character--no two are the same.

Brand Wetterlings
Product Type
Model 120
Part Number W120

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