Woolpower Crewneck 200 - Black

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Woolpower Crewneck 200

The Crewneck 200 is the workhorse top for Woolpower, serving as a warm and comfortable base layer in cold weather and as a thermostatic outer top in milder weather. This lightweight shirt has an exceptional ability to keep you comfortable in a range of temperatures and is extremely breathable.

The Crewneck 200 is made from Woolpower’s superior Ullfrotté Original 200 g/m² terry loop design that features no lengthwise seams, minimizing chaffing and rubbing. Ullfrotté Original wool fabric with smooth, soft terry loops facing the inside and flat synthetic fibers lining the outside allows this wool shirt to optimally maximize body heat retention by trapping natural body heat as well as maximizing moisture wicking away from the skin. Made in Sweden.

  • Ideal layering top for all outdoor activities
  • Non-itch soft wool
  • Temperature regulating Merino wool construction
  • Breathable, wicking, comfortable, lightweight
  • Seamed to prevent chafing and discomfort
  • Circular knit wool fabric
  • Machine washable - Dryer safe wool - Tumble dry low
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Made in Sweden
  • Ullfrotté Original Merino wool material
  • Weight: 200 g/m²
  • Microns: 22.5
  • 60% Merino Wool, 25% Polyester, 13% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

The magic of wool...

Merino wool is known as a very fine, soft, and crimpy fiber. It’s softness allows it to be worn comfortably against the skin as a natural warming insulator. Woolpower’s unique material Ullfrotté Original uses Merino wool sourced from Mulesing-free Patagonian sheep. Wool is nature’s own technical material and is the only natural fiber that man has been unable to synthetically replicate. Merino sheep produce exceptionally fine and crimpy wool. The crimped structure of wool fiber traps large quantities of air and provides superior heat insulation. Air between the fibers reduces the heat conduction within the material, and therefore has an insulating effect against both heat and cold.

During increased physical activity, the body generates perspiration in order to cool. Wool is hygroscopic, or able to absorb moisture from the air which means it can also control moisture vapor regulation. When humidity is higher inside the garment than outside, wool works hard to absorb the moisture and transport it through the material until equilibrium is reached. Moisture is transported to the outside of the garment enabling the inner layer to stay dry.

Wool is self cleaning and does not readily smell. Creatine, an organic acid in wool, naturally breaks down odor causing bacteria released from the skin. The core of the wool fiber consists of two types of cells that absorb different quantities of moisture. As a result, one type swells more than the other creating constant friction. This gives the wool fiber a mechanical, self-cleansing effect, essentially knocking bacteria off of the fiber. The surface of a wool fiber is also water repellent, which prevents bacteria growth and subsequent odors.

Brand Woolpower
Product Type
Model 7112
Part Number 7112

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